Another kind of football dominates this Sunday

For many expats, Sunday is akin to a high holy day. It’s Super Bowl Sunday.

Those with families might be pulled in two directions because Sunday also is the last day of rest before Costa Rican public schools reopen.

Sports bars and Gringo watering holes report overwhelming interest. Some said Thursday that they were full up with reservations.

Fox Sports will broadcast the game from Arlington, Texas, from the new $1.3 billion Cowboy Stadium. A crowd of more than 100,000 is expected with latecomers paying up to $10,000 to scalpers for a seat.

In Costa Rica the game is free on wide-screen televisions, but the distractions will be many. Some venues have elaborate spreads of food and drink. There also are teams of dancing girls representing some of the better known beer and liquor brands.

The game begins about 5:25 p.m., according to Fox, but the celebration starts much sooner. Super Bowl 45 features the Green Bay, Wisconsin, Packers and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Steelers.

Most Costa Ricans will go about their daily business totally unaware of the game in Texas. Their interest is another type of football.

Thursday marks the start of the school year. The Cámera Nacional de Turismo noted that many hotels and resorts are offering special discounts to Costa Rican tourists this weekend. Offers of from 20 percent or more off are typical. The tourism providers are anxious to fill rooms because the next big surge of local tourists is Samana Santa holiday, which starts April 15.

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