Canadian’s victim’s friends are impatient for arrests

Neighbors and friends of the Canadian woman who died on the Osa Peninsula last week are hoping for quick action and are venting their impatience to Canadian newspapers.

The story is getting heavy play in the Canadian newspapers and on news Web sites there.

The dead woman is Kimberley Blackwell. 53. She was from the Yukon.

The Judicial Investigating Organization confirmed Thursday that the woman, Kimberley Blackwell, 53, showed signs of violence. Specifically the woman appeared to have been hit at various parts of her body. She was found in the patio of her home in San Miguel de Cañaza near Puerto Jiménez.

Ms. Blackwell was known in the area as the operator of Samaritan Xocolata, which produced high-end chocolate items from Costa Rican cocao. One expat Thursday said the chocolate was the best she had tasted.

Investigators have said little, and any information on the case is via the Judicial Investigating Organization in San José.

More information is expected to be available today after the preliminary report from an autopsy is completed. Residents of the area are generally unfamiliar with police cases and they have urged those interested in the case to pressure officials.

“If anybody wants this case solved, please pressure everyone you can to push hard,” said one friend in anInternet posting in Canada. “Unfortunately, Costa Rica is often lackadaisical when it comes to prosecuting crime (probably because it is such a peaceful, wonderful country). Please help push to get the authorities moving, and hold those responsible for the brutal murder accountable.”

Judicial investigators have said they were hampered because the finca where the death happened is some distance from Puerto Jiménez, the local commercial center.  Investigators did not reach the scene until 4 p.m. Wednesday, the day the body was discovered.

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