Climate change: It is all about control, avarice and greed

The ride we are being taken on.

In the wake of the arrival in Costa Rica of one of the key architects of the fraudulent global warming hoax, Nobel Peace Prize recipient Al Gore (who along with many other such laureates is highly unworthy reaping such accolade), the preceding PR efforts of the mainstream and even some independent media and because of an alarming seemingly unstoppable resurgence of falsehoods re: anthropogenic warming or its slightly altered conceptual dress of global “climate change,” I feel compelled to offer a few rectifications questioning Gore’s effort of re-establishing his position in world politics on behalf of the United Nations’ hideous agenda.

Gore arrives here in Costa Rica March 16 with the help and sponsorship of a variety of local and foreign companies and institutions, namely Dole, Scott, Purdy Motors, Holcim, Greenworks, Tio Pelón, Johnny Walker, WalMart and even the Universidad Latina, a Costa Rican educational institution exhibiting a doubtful claim of intellectual excellency of the country’s “brightest,” a slap in the face of any true scholar.

If anyone fell for the International Panel on Climate Change’s corrupt, deliberately erroneous conclusion of a warming planet behind human activities, we must draw attention to the fact that the only institution in the world to keep accurate climate records on the hyper-sensitive arctic and antarctic regions — the polar ice cap keeps being a main focus — is the University of Illinois. The Illinois record-keepers would agree that there is no loss of ice cover on the planet, a shift perhaps but no upward temperature change on Earth at all.

Considering a CO2 concentration in the earth’s atmosphere of a mere 4 parts per million there is no reason to even talk about it but focus on more important subjects like the hidden agendas behind the perpetuated carbon dioxide frenzy, the biggest scientific fraud ever blanketing the planet in intellectual darkness. But no, despite “climategate” they are desperately trying to keep the lie alive for endless profit.
All verified data register no rise in the earth’s temperature at all. Quite the contrary, for at least nine consecutive years we have had a cooling of the planet (unless the cooling we are witnessing worldwide is a consequence of global warming… ??) . Remember how in the 70s our puppeteers were eagerly contemplating the question of how to utilize the cooling trend to fool an unsuspecting public and make money until someone had the glorious idea of concocting one of the biggest lies ever told, anthropogenic global warming, the extreme opposite and caused by Us, the People?

Check for yourselves if you have your doubts.

The reason for the continuation of the climate debate is part of a political agenda of the same individuals worshiping Mammon, the God of avarice and greed, our global banking cartels, legitimately consummated by their international PR organ, the U.N. and its criminal co-conspirators, the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, keen on levying an absurd tax on the world’s populus, the carbon tax, a trillion dollar business born of pure psychopathic appetite for money and the desire for control.

Lamentably our “greens,” many of our once benevolent environmental institutions like Greenpeace et al. with comrades present in large numbers in Cancun as well as Copenhagen universally have been infiltrated by the agenda’s mercenaries (similar to personnel changes in the Tea Party of late) and blabber the same unfounded assertions based on brainwashed faithful dedication and ridiculous assumptions void of scientific facts.

It is therefore irresponsible for any independent news organ to simply relate stories offered by the prominent news brokers owned and run by members of the corporatocracy, of secret societies John F. Kennedy spoke of and got shot for, whose ambassadors must literally crack up watching their own slime oozing out of newspapers and TV sets served to a gullible mind-controlled public while the arrogant overlords celebrate yet another straight shot of illusionist politics and insidious subcultural conquests.

Mr. Marquardt is a real estate broker who lives in San Jose. He has a special interest in government and politics.

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