Closing of San José-Limón highway adds to the challenge

The nation’s highway situation continues to be challenging.

A large section of the new Caldera highway is closed for repairs, and the alternate route has its problems, too. The result is massive traffic jams.

And now highway officials have announced that Ruta 32, the main highway from San José to Limón will be closed from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. all this week while crews paint lines and install reflectors on 30 kilometers of roadway. That’s about 19 miles.

Ruta 32 has received some new asphalt as a result of weather damage.

Traffic police will be involved in the closure. The Consejo
Nacional de Vialidad, the road agency, said that Ruta 10 through Turrialba is an alternate route to Limón. However, that road is narrow in places and difficult for trucks to navigate.

A Ministerio de Obras Públicas y Transportes employee died after he was hit by a car while working on the Río Virilla bridge, so officials are understandably nervous about mixing workers with traffic.

Drivers reported tieups Sunday at Cambronero where a bailey bridge has been installed on Ruta 1, the Interamericana Norte. This is the highway that has been the traditional route to Guanacaste from the Central Valley. With the closure of the new San José-Caldera highway for repairs all the west and eastbound traffic is passing through the damaged section of Cambronero where the highway subsided last year.

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