Conditional release sought for six in home invasion

Prosecutors have asked a judge to put on conditional liberty six men who may have embarked on a vigilante punishment mission. One of the suspects is a Fuerza Pública officer.

The six are accused of forcing their way into the home of a man with the last names of Morales Morales in Barrio Los Lirios, Sarapiquí, and beating up the occupant with a baseball bat. Morales lived but was hospitalized. Investigators characterized the incident as a home invasion, but Morales is believed to be facing a judicial process.

Prosecutors were generous with the six men. They asked a judge to place the six on conditional liberty with the promise of not approaching the victim or witnesses, maintaining a fixed place to live and sign in with prosecutors once a month.

They were identified by the last names of Marín Chinchilla, Fergurson Pinoc, Fernández Díaz, García Castro, Soto Mena and Sandoval Rodríguez. Marín is a police officer. Police said they confiscated three sidearms from the men as well as a baseball bat when they stopped a car not far from the crime scene.

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