Costa Rica protests the creative new map by Nicaragua

The government of Costa Rica has protested energetically against a new map produced by Nicaragua that takes in some of the Costa Rican territory.

The Costa Rican foreign ministry said that the map modifies the boundary between the two countries that has existed, particularly in the area of the Isla Portillos since 1897.

This is the area Nicaraguan troops invaded in October and where the regime there seeks to construct a new mouth for the Río San Juan.

The case was litigated in the International Court of Justice in the Hague, and a decision is expected this month. Costa
Rica seeks an order to make Nicaragua freeze the dredging and canal work in the area.

Nicaragua has played with maps before. When Costa Rica initially protested that a dredge was dumping its outflow on Costa Rican soil, Nicaragua officials quickly found an erroneous map produced by Google that verified their version of the boundary line. Google quickly disassociated itself from the dispute and said that international boundaries should not be determined by a map from the Internet.

Nicaragua is trying to adjust reality to conform to the case it presented at the Hague, Costa Rica said. The ministry said a note of protest was sent to the Nicaraguan Embassy.

René Castro, the Costa Rican foreign minister, said that the map only aggravated the dispute between the two countries.

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