Country did not keep up with trends to violence

I’ve been reading with much interest the letters of resident’s suggestions to reduce crime. All are very good, although there are some draconian offerings that are very telling of the frustration expats have.

Through the 1960s, Costa Rica was a place of low crime and folk-sacred societal values. As Costa Rica caught up with the rest of the world, the laws remained from a less violent time. If there is to be any hope, it is with the people who are living in country to demand a change from their leaders. Also, this could be helped by reporting each and every crime and having what was called block-watch community groups here in the U.S.A. The more pressure applied on elected officials to grasp the fact that Costa Rica is not all Pura Vida, the better, in my estimation.

Our dream of retirement there is turning into nightmarish scenarios of loss of property, life and limb, and overall peace. It is obvious to anyone with a realistic view that the rose colored glasses should be tossed in the trash, and only a concerted effort will bring about change. The country needs to act as one. Not native born and expat being two separate groups. All have a vested interest in a secure life and a prosperous country. May Costa Rica enjoy again the once carefree days of Pura Vida.

Al Loria
New York

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