Country’s exports show a sharp increase over 2009

Costa Rica exported goods, services and products worth $3.35 billion in 2010, according to the Ministerio de Comercio Exterior. Exports were 7.4 percent higher than the 2009 figures, and ministry officials credited a 24 percent increase in United States exports to the new Central American Free Trade Treaty.

Sales of goods to foreign buyers brought in $9.3 billion while exported services accounted for $4.3 billion, said the ministry.

The only negative statistic was a 12.1 percent drop in the exportation of electronics and microprocessors because of changes in the operations of Intel here, the ministry said.

The United States was the main foreign purchaser. That country took 36 percent of the Costa Rican exports. But
the rest of North America took 14 percent. Central American took 16 percent. The European Union took 12 percent and South America took 13 percent, based on the ministry figures.

Agriculture accounted for $2.1 billion in exports, mainly coffee, pineapple, bananas and ornamental plants.

Food products, including canned goods, showed an 11.1 percent increase to $1.05 billion. This included canned tuna, canned palm hearts and sauces.

Manufactured products showed increases in medical prothesis, a category that was up 23 percent. Vehicle tires, electrical cables and other electrical material showed increases over 2009 in some case as much as 98 percent.

These products were affected severely in the recent economic crisis.

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