Debate on climate change ended long ago

The recent letter by Mr. Dukes proves that in every field of scientific endeavor there is always a heretic or two. The evidence for anthropogenic climate change is so strong and abundant that valid debate ended long ago, leaving a few laughable remaining deniers, but none more so than those who should know better.

The following statement by Mr. Dukes “So a complete Arctic ice melt will lower sea levels not raise them” is a dandy, and therefore he must be given credit for brazen originality, if not plain foolishness! The ice cube analogy would be hilarious, if it didn’t point to someone whose science was seriously flawed.

And this one: “Most of these scientists are agenda-driven and/or being sponsored by special interests, First World governments, or the United Nations. The rationale for their scholarly conclusions is easily understood.”

Tell us, Mr. Dukes, just what are the scientists’ agenda-driven’ motives . . . or their rationale? Will they all be given Nobel Prizes for their collective deception or stupidity? Or will their grandkids inundated waterfront homes in Florida increase in value?

Mr. Dukes should either present solid facts, [or sources], for his wild statements, or present his hypothesis to the Union of Concerned Scientists, the International Panel on Climate Change, et al, for peer review.

Finally, Mr. Axel Marquardt, a fellow denier, is scarcely worthy of comment since he obviously belongs to that paranoid fraternity of conspiracy buffs. His entire op-ed piece is rife with quasi hysterical, unscientific conjecture and hackneyed pap for the uninformed.

As a real estate salesman his emotional input was a clearly resounding “No Sale.”

H. Franz
Santa Ana and Las Vegas, Nevada

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