Despite idea about crime, nothing will happen here

It has been interesting reading the responses last week to your great piece on Monday. But I think they are all for fun and amusement only. Who are we all fooling? Deep down we all know that probably almost nothing will change for the better when it comes to crime in Costa Rica. It is only going to get worse.

I think that the ideas and suggestions would work. So far I agree with all of them, except for the finger chopping. None of them are that far out in left field for something as serious as the crime is here.

I especially like the island prison camp idea. Instead of expensive tents, let the prisoners build round eight-man huts with dirt filled sand bags and thatched roofs. Free dirt, free thatch, free labor. These buildings will last for years, for almost nothing. Talk about cheap. Let the sharks keep them there. Since Costa Rica loves and coddles their “pobrecito” criminals, how harsh could that be? Living on a tropical island for a few years?

There are at least three good things that will come from all of this:

It lets the responders, including me, let off some steam.

It gives all of us a great laugh just thinking about how slim the chances are that the government would take any of this advice. Laughter helps relieve our stress from living here.

It gets a good warning out to people who may be considering Costa Rica as a place to live. They’ll learn about what they are in for if they do make the choice to come. This is good. If they still want to live here, and some day something happens to them and they have been robbed blind, or are hurt or maimed in some way, or if someone they know and love is dead because of the way the government coddles its criminals, then your publication can say “we all tried to warn you.”

Thank you and your newspaper for doing these three things for us.

J. Bruno

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