Does country want expats? Then why the annoyances?

Are expats welcome in costa rica?
We have been visiting Costa Rica for over 10 years, and we are building our third house. We stay for four months each winter and spend the other eight months in Canada.

I feel that recent measures by the government are making me feel less welcome. Could some organization representing expats, maybe the Assocaition of Residents of Costa Rica, ask the president for a clear statement on whether it is government policy to welcome expats or not?

Expats must bring hundreds of millions of dollars into the country, and employ hundreds of Ticos. Is the president aware that other countries, especially Panamá, put out a big welcome mat, and have policies to encourage more expats?

I accept the increases in taxes, but would find fault with:

Immigration Policy. Why 90 days ? Don’t they want me to remain longer and spend more money. Does leaving for three days and then returning help the economy? It seems now that the length of stay depends on the whim of the customs agent you happen to see.

Petty regulations regarding autos. Is carrying a packet of Band-Aids going to help in a major traffic accident? If you want to improve road safety, what about requiring bicycles to have lights or at least reflectors ?

My latest pet peeve was renewing car insurance required a certificate from a chartered accountant, estimated cost $50, stating where I got the money for the car. This is a 2003 model I bought three years ago.
I think crooks drive better cars.

Legal system. The small sentences for crimes against Gringos, and the bias in favor of locals. Not to mention the difficulties in hiring someone to work.

We are staying here, we like it here and are prepared to put up with the annoyances, but newcomers might be looking at other countries where they might be more appreciated.

John Cocker

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