Effort would be spent better cleaning up planet

I read the “Skeptics Take on Global Warming” with interest.

Mr. Dukes laid out his arguments well (although he is in danger of being charged with hypocrisy, as a consultant to the chemical industry accusing the proponents of global warming of being sponsored by special interest groups!).

Mr. Marquardt’s piece is way too outlandish for me and his conspiracy theories were unconvincing, especially couched in such immoderate terms.

I am an agnostic. I was impressed by Michael Crichton’s book “State of Fear,” especially the statistics from the U.N. and other impeccable sources which the author quotes.

But I wonder why the world, instead of engaging in this heated argument about if and why the world is warming up, does not turn its attention to cleaning the planet up.

Surely it is undeniable that there is unnecessary pollution in abundance. If the push was for a cleaner world — and it worked — perhaps the question of who might be responsible for any global warming would become moot.

Mark Rhys
El Roble, Santa Barbara, Heredia

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