End investigative monopoly and give street cops power

One big problem is that the Fuerza Pública is not allowed to investigate anything. Their mandate is to maintain the peace. So all of the investigation falls to the Judicial Investigating Organization which has a few offices scattered around the country. That is just ridiculous.

In other countries the local law enforcement can investigate crimes, and being local they usually have a good idea of what is going on, and who is doing what. The passive nature of the Fuerza Pública is what guarantees its ineffectiveness. Unless they catch someone red-handed they can’t do anything. That law needs to change. Also the officers have high school education at best. And they are underpaid. So what is the force made of? People who don’t have much incentive to work, and when they do often don’t have the training or education to carry out the task at hand.

Then there is the revolving door of the court system. Serious reform needs to happen to the courts, and penalties applied to criminals. The population often feels powerless in the face of the law as the courts have no teeth, and the investigators have little ability to investigate. Worse still is when the courts apply laws and sanctions to government entities who then completely ignore them. Example in point the Instituto Costarricense de Pesca y Acuacultura and shark finning. What kind of example is it for the rest of the country that government institutions can blatantly ignore courts orders? Shocking really.

Jason Borner

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