Fire officials warn of those dry season weed and brush fires

Fire officials have issued a warning about grass fires and said that the higher temperatures and lack of rain in the dry season increase the risk.

Already the year the Cuerpo de Bomberos turned out for 592 weed and brush fires, firemen said. The province of San José had the most, 203, but Guanacaste with 107 and Alajuela province with 106 kept firemen there busy.

For expats in rural areas, the problems are the blazes when firemen fail to appear or appear late. In such cases, rural residents are on their own.

The Pacific beach communities like Tamarindo and Flamingo in Guanacaste and some in Nicoya are
particularly vulnerable because of their distance from fire stations.

Every year firemen handle about 5,000 such blazes. Last year there were 5,058, the Cuerpo de Bomberos said. In one the man who started the fire to burn weeds perished, firemen said.

They issued a warning about burning weeds and garbage and noted such activities are against the law. They suggested recycling and keeping lots adjacent to home clear of weeds and brush.

Firemen are trying to get a small tax enacted on electricity so that they can expand the number of stations in rural areas. Some expats who have seen brush fires up close and personal are supporting the measure.

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