Freedoms include religion and not being coerced

If Mr. Edwards wants to live his life according to the dictates of his particular religion, that’s fine — but he seems to overlook the fact that many people do not subscribe to his faith. It is therefore presumptuous of him to think he has all the answers; that the world would be idyllic if only everyone followed his beliefs, many of which I personally consider irrational and harmful to society.
Just one example, same sex marriage. Based on fairness, individual liberty, research, and evidence, I believe that allowing same-sex civil marriage is a freedom deserved by consenting adults, as well as contributing to the betterment of society.

I am very, very glad that in most countries, we have the liberties not only of freedom of belief and freedom of expression, but also the freedoms from belief and religious-based coercion.

“No tendency is quite so strong in human nature as the desire to lay down rules of conduct for other people.”
— William Howard Taft (1857-1930)

Glen Love
Philadelphia, Pensylvania
Dominical, Costa Rica

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