Here is a vote for change, radical, internal change

I see a continuing problem with the Latin way of governing. Our new president is falling into the same old trap as all the other presidents have. They want to talk and talk and talk. They have this fear of making a conclusion. What CR needs is some new ground breaking changes in the Constitution.

All these people have to do is look around them and see what other countries have done to curtail their problems. Learn from others who have had the balls to do something empowering and innovative rather than talk to study groups. There is little to study. We have corruption and laziness everywhere. We have lawyers who should be in jail, lots of them. Cops who lie and steal. Murderers who are set free within hours and told to report back in 90 days. Money missing on every level of government, so let’s just beat up the people who have corporations and who drive cars. The mess goes on and on.

The Catholic Church has failed Central and South America. Costa Rica has a need to protect women to the point that it is absurd and sets up a situation where there is fraud and bogus claims of personal injury. New laws pertaining to having sex with women under the age of 17 but only enforced when a Gringo is accused of doing so. Come to our part of the world and see all the little girls who are pregnant. The sperm donors are not Gringos but rather the locals in our area. Have yet to see a investigation into any of these situations. Guess it wouldn’t make good news on Channel 4 at 6 p.m.

Costa Rica encourages sexual deviation by legalizing prostitution and gambling but cannot see it due to the greed that Costa Rica legislators live for. We have the docks in Limón which are a sham and outdated to the point of being behind 50 years in the industry. I guess its more important that a bunch of cry babies extort the business versus updating a already failing dock into a modern distribution point for the commerce of Costa Rica in the years to come.

This political flirtatious love affair with those who cry foul is costing us all a fortune in money and time. ICE laughs at you when you want power to your house and a new phone line. There is no urgency in their training manuals. Not even a reasonable amount of time to do such work but rather a opportunity to take a bribe from me and others in hopes of expediting such work. You can get a phone line installed in Panamá in just a few days, its up and running with DSL too. I saw this when I lived in Jamaica and worked in Surname. The government shut the doors on everything, wouldn’t let you take dollars out, trying desperately to keep things the same ol same ol. It didn’t work.

Without money and the ability to buy much needed pumps and parts for trucks and such that were made in America and Europe both countries slowly ground to a halt with vehicles trucks and airplanes laying everywhere all broken down. Of course the president was eating good in the palace and to this day those countries are a real mess. They too have yet to change their constitutions and endorse radical changes that are needed to make their country safe and profitable.

Bruce Simpson
Miami. Florida

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