Home invading crooks met well-armed surprise

The central Pacific coast from Parrita to Mata Palo has been plagued by a band of robbers who, among other crimes, would smash their way into homes and tie up the occupants. This has been going on since September.

Judicial agents got a tip that the next home invasion would be Monday night. And they were told where. Agents quickly hustled the homeowners from the dwelling and filled the place in Loma de Parrita with a tactical squad.

When the crooks broke through the front door they found heavily armed police instead of the occupants they were expecting. One tried to flee through a window.

Agents detained a 38-year-old man, two twins, 21, and a pirate taxi driver.

Police said the gang carried 12-gauge shotguns and were unselective in their targets. They raided stores as well as homes. During home invasions the gang would usually steal a vehicle to carry away the loot, mostly household goods. The gang targeted homeowners who appeared to have money, agents said. Agents attributed at least 20 such crimes to the suspects.

The three suspects have been detained in the past but were freed without preventative detention, agents said. One suspect actually is in jail but has permission to leave his cell several times a week, agents said. More suspects may be sought, agents said.

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