Injured horse prompts a call to not televise bull fights

The televised shot of a buffalo goring a horse has generated a sharp response from a local animal rights organization.

The video was aired Sunday on the weekly show “Toros Repretel” on Channel 6, said the organization, the Asociación Nacional Protectora de Animales. The incident happened in Corralillo de Cartago, said the organization.

A release called bull fights a cruel act that encourages the mistreatment and the violation of the rights of animals.

Gisela Vico, president of the organization, said that she rejected the transmission of this type of entertainment.
“Yesterday thousands of Costa Ricans were witnesses to the dangers and damage that animals undergo when they are submitted to this type of activity based on stress, abuse and mistreatment of animals,” she said.

Bull fights in the Costa Rican way are a standard of nearly all local festivals. For example, the Parrita mule festival will be featuring such events over the next two weeks.

Ms. Vico said that she received 15 phone calls about the televised incident. “What we saw was a Roman circus that ought not to be transmitted for respect to the animals,” she said.

The condition of the horse was unknown.

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