Judicial agents investigate an unusual case of identity theft

A man has been using a fake identity since 2002, agents alleged Wednesday when they detained him in Siquirres.

The man, identified by the Poder Judicial by the last names of Belli Espinoza, is a 35-year-old Nicaraguan, who managed to obtain the identity cédula of a man named Alexander Rojas.

Rojas lives in Cajón de Pérez Zeledón in the southern part of the country. Siquirres is in the north.

The Poder Judicial said that both men appear similar. The Judicial Investigating Organization said that Roja lost his cédula about the same time the suspect was staying at his home.

A year ago, Rojas sought to open an account at a state bank but was told he already had an account in Siquirres. That is when the investigation began. The bank cooperated by inviting the suspect to its branch to close his account.

Judicial agents said that a number of credit purchases were made in the name of Rojas.

Identity theft is not as frequent in Costa Rica as it may be in other countries because each resident has a unique identity card, the cédula, which contains a photo and biometric data.

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