Law enforcement is critical for a number of situations

How many times does the judges here let the prisoner go and or do not follow the laws on the books. Case in point in the paper today. The Judge on the shark finning she did nothing to enforce said laws. I would like to see President Laura Chinchilla have a committee to over see the judges and that they are following the laws. To see if they are compromised by nepotism and or mafias being threaten.

Be proactive in Sting operations. Knowing certain areas are prone to car thievery, rock throwing on the autopistas, drug sales around the Del Rey and red zone and muggings. However, there needs to be jail space available, and lock them up. Post bond to get out and or hold them.

Traffic fines are way out of line. Transit cops are making a bundle. People give bribery money, 20,000 to 30,000 colons, instead of a 300,000-colon ticket.

There is street crime, government crime, political crime, extortion crime. I would focus on the government and including what goes on at the ports of entry and all the extortion there. Then the street crime. Adding more cops with a ninth-grade education and a high call to duty again does not make a police force. More of the same.

Somehow have the street people who sleep on the sidewalks, and constantly beg have intervention by the enforcement officer. You’re not sure what their motive might be, sometimes assaults and robbery. This not be allowed. That the many police agencies be combined and they enforce all laws, i.e. street pedaling, to robbery.

Pawn shops and metal collectors. Accounting of the goods they buy. They become the fences for the everyday ladrone.

Criminals hardly ever see the inside of jail. Make money and repeat business. This is my added wish list. Fairy dust!

Dwayne Egelund
La Uruca

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