Letter published Friday hit the nail on the head

In my opinion, Bruce Simpson in his letter to the editor on Friday, did hit the nail squarely on the head regarding major issues facing Costa Rica.  I especially liked his saying “Our new president is falling into the same old trap as all the other presidents have.  They want to talk and talk and talk.  They have this fear of making a conclusion.”  Avoiding confronting issues seems typical of the culture here in more ways than one.  Have you ever tried to get a straight answer from a Tico?  No, usually it is just talk, talk, talk.

This government needs to “learn from others who have had the balls to do something empowering and innovative rather than talk to study groups. There is little to study.  We have corruption and laziness everywhere.  We have lawyers who should be in jail, lots of them.  Cops who lie and steal.  Murderers who are set free within hours and told to report back in 90 days.  Money missing on every level of government, so let’s just beat up the people who have corporations and who drive cars.”

So instead of fixing existing problems, let’s just add more taxes and speed traps and penalties and additional ways to force bribes.  Just brilliant!  I do so agree with this guy!

Marlene Summers
Santa Ana

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