More people arming selves as victims fight back

Regarding the opinions on what might help with crime here.

I do agree that off-duty police officers should be armed if they choose to be. I have noticed over the years here that there are more and more people arming themselves and fighting back. Used to be dangerous to defend yourself for fear of being accused of a crime yourself. I notice that it seems to seldom happen here anymore that the victim of a crime is accused for defending him or herself.

I do believe this is a useful deterrent.

I think several of the ideas have merit.

However, just so you know, when we went before the labor board to have our employee rules approved by them, we were informed that drug testing in the private sector is simply not allowed in Costa Rica. They did indicate that one hotel in the area was allowed to have such a clause in their internal employee contracts, but that was only because said hotel was offering many former addicts an opportunity to work.

So, in closing, please check carefully if drug testing is allowed in the private sector. I am not sure if what I was told is true or not.

I think drug testing you should be encouraged in many situations, bus drivers, policemen, medical personnel. In fact, I do believe it would be very helpful if drug testing were allowed in both public and private sectors. Some people’s lives probably depend on it. But I am not really aware of what the law is for sure. And you ought to verify that for the benefit of your readers.

Thanks for the topic, I think security is the biggest issue on our minds today in Costa Rica,

Robbie Felix
Quepos, Costa Rica

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