Much of U.S. is digging out from Blizzard of 2011

The United States continues to face the aftermath of severe weather, mainly in the eastern half of the country.

Continental Airlines said Wednesday night that it was suspending most of its operations from Houston Intercontinental today starting at 3 p.m. in anticipation of a winter storm.

The airline said that many of its other flights had been canceled.

Parts of Texas were expected to see from one to three inches of freezing rain.
The winter storm that buried the Northeast is expected to move on by early today although some light snow will linger over northern New York and New England, the airline said.

The Weather Underground that provides data to A.M. Costa Rica reported at midnight that the temperature in Chicago was 15.3 F (-9 C) and the overnight low was expected to drop to -2 F (about -19 C). Wind gusts were up to 20 mph.

Chicago endured the worst blizzard since 1967, but the storm has moved on. The situation was similar in the rest of the Midwest. The University of Missouri in Columbus said it would be closed again today.

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