Phone company needs power to cancel $30 account

This letter was directed to President Laura Chinchilla.

I left Costa Rica on Dec. 25th to spend a few months in Panama on business. I find that the cost of living here is about 40 percent cheaper than Costa Rica.

Now for the totally absurd:

I had one phone line still connected in Costa Rica for my Internet service while I was getting Internet service in Panama, which took all of two days to get, just two days to get cable, Internet, and phone service.

I had left a friend with a power of attorney in Costa Rica to close my telephone line there. He spends four hours at an Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad office only to be told that he had to have a power of attorney that was not older than 30 days.

Then, we call ICE, and ask if I could fax my credit card, passport, cédula, and a letter so the account could be closed by me, and was told that we could not. Mind you, that I am in Panama, and want to pay my remaining bills from Costa Rica.

So now we have to go through all the trouble of getting an updated power of attorney in order to pay this small remaining bill of about $ 30.

Do you realize the total absurdity and stupidity of this fiasco? Please don’t ever mention to the press or to anyone, that you want Costa Rica to become the first developed country in Latin America, it’s never going to happen with these kinds of bureaucratic idiots in charge of your country. Shame on you, and what a pity for the people of Costa Rica.

John A. Bisceglio
Boquete, Panama

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