Police accused of shakedowns jailed for year’s investigation

The 13 policemen and one civilian accused of shaking down drug dealers have been placed in preventative detention for a year, according to the security ministry.

Prosecutors sought the year’s confinement in a request to the Juzgado Penal del II Circuito Judicial de San José Wednesday after the men were detained.

The Poder Judicial also disclosed that two of the accused policemen were members of the regional anti-drug program. They were identified by the last names of Mora Len and García Vega. They worked in Goicochea.

The other officers were identified by the last names of Zúñiga Ugalde, Rivera Valverde, Reyes Sánchez, Fonseca
Chinchilla, Rojas Montero, Campos Ruíz, Castillo Mena, Sánchez Villegas, Obando Hernández, and Víquez Rodríguez. One officer’s name was unavailable.

The civilian was identified by the last names of Céspedes Brenes.

The Policía de Control de Drogas conducted raids and searchers in Guadalupe, Desamparados and Heredia.

The officers are accused of using inside information to keep track of suspected drug dealers and then using this information to conduct unauthorized raids and arrests.

They are accused of taking the bulk of the drugs confiscated for resale and turning over only a small portion to prosecutors, if at all.

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