Police report on successes in Limón show of force

The 320-officer detachment of police sent to Limón last week conducted 85 road check points and stopped 1,700 vehicles.

As a result of the massive police presence, some 95 persons were detained and 14 were found to be suspects in crimes serious enough to warrant preventative detention, said the Fuerza Pública. Other kinds of restrictions are sought for six persons.

Police said they confiscated 12 firearms and drugs, ranging from marijuana to crack to cocaine. The arrests were mainly for crimes against property, such as theft. There were 36 such arrests, officers said. There also were nine arrests for domestic violence violations, they said.

Included in the statistics was an arrest officers made Sunday morning after a shootout in the area known as Los Cocos. Police also said that Thursday they raided homes in Cieneguita and detained two men believed to be leaders of a criminal gang.

Seven of the persons detained were held on earlier warrants.

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