Police still do not know why Limón gangs fought

The shootout in Limón Sunday morning is still a mystery.

The Poder Judicial said Monday that a man with the last names of Ruiz Vargas has been jailed for six months preventative detention.

This is the man who was hospitalized because he came out second best in the confrontation.

The Poder Judicial said Ruiz faces an attempted murder charge because he went looking for a man with the last names of Davis Fajardo in Barrio Los Cocos. The Poder Judicial said that Fajardo fired in self defense.
This was the event that generated a strong police response because others were involved and fled. Police used aircraft and boats to patrol for those running from the scene.

Police also thought that crooks were hiding in a home and sealed off the neighborhood until they learned otherwise.

Police still characterize the incident as a confrontation between rival gangs.

The Fuerza Pública said that Ruiz suffered a bullet wound to the nose, chin and arm in the 8 a.m. incident.

Police officers ended up confiscating six firearms and two vehicles.

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