Publish names of judges who let crooks off hook

• There should not be a minimum value on stealing, it is wrong and you will spend some time in jail or community service regardless of the amount.

• Why do we allow criminals to cover their heads when being filmed? Stand them up. Let’s get a good look at them so we know who they are. If they are embarrassed, they should not have done the crime in the first place.

• Do a crime, get caught, and then be home for dinner? This must stop. It only promotes crime and frustrates the police.

• Why don’t we publish the names of the judges who release criminals after they have been caught? Who is that judge and what is his record? How many other criminals has he released onto our streets? Oh, and where did that new car come from?

• Response time: police should pride them selves on responding quickly to a crime, not wait until they are sure the criminals are gone.

• Special task forces: Kids throwing rocks at cars on the new highway. Let’s assign some officers to find out who they are and make their parents pay for the damages. People taking manhole covers, endangering lives. Let’s assign some officers to find them, and where they are going to sell the metal.

• Bonuses for officer’s performance when catching criminals. This will work better than hiring more officers to stand around.

Many of the items above can be implemented quickly, and without spending additional money.

Tom Roucek

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