Puntarenas fiesta is another source of drunk drivers

Anyone who complains about paperwork and seeking permits in Costa Rica probably ought not drive drunk.

Under the new traffic law, being arrested drunk behind the wheel marks the beginning of a complex and expensive process. Having more than .75 grams of alcohol in a liter of blood also means the case becomes criminal and goes before prosecutors. Even with less alcohol, traffic officers impound the vehicle.

Eight motorists entered the twilight zone of drunk driving accusations over the weekend. Six were en route from the Puntarenas fiesta. Two were caught on the Autopista General Cañas where officers are a little testy after a public works ministry supervisor died and a coworker suffered injuries last Wednesday night due to a reckless driver.

Police enforcement may be working, although there is only one month of data for 2011. One person died so far this year in a traffic accident attributed to drunk driving. Last year 28 person died.

Meanwhile police said that they will have similar controls on the main highways this weekend, which is the second and last for the annual Puntarenas fiesta.

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