Put names and the faces of criminals in public view

The judicial system in Costa Rica appears to grant all the benefits of the law to the perpetrator and none to the victim. The percentage of criminals from arrest to sentencing is in the low 20th percentile. Further, the criminal is hidden from view, the police protect their identities. How does that help other victims identify criminals who have violated them? Most criminals have been at it so long, that a quick identification would surely bolster the case against the perpetrator allowing more people to come forward. Greater than the fine/sentence is the exposure of a criminal to his peers which has more impact on his conduct. Costa Rican society is about appearances, name and reputation. This is the very reason that slander was such a serious crime. So you can literally be violated, cheated and not tell anyone. Not for me, I tell everyone.

The victim is not protected. When you make a denuncia (charge or complaint) against someone you have to include your phone number, your address. This info goes to the criminal. If you do not have both surnames and spelled correctly, the case is thrown out. You must also have his address. Your chances are further reduced if you are a foreigner.

Judith Kent
San Joaquin de Flores, Heredia

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