Rescuers seeking a home for boxer street veteran

The right eye may have problems

Life is tough if you are a stray dog in Latin America. Puppies routinely are dumped in rural areas to fend for themselves.

Old dogs also are dumped. Not every dog sees a vet or gets the right shots.

Every once in awhile, a sad tale comes along. In this case, a white boxer demonstrates a history that brings tears to the eyes.

Animal rescuers found the animal living off of bits of pastry and bread near a panaderĂ­a in Coronado. His neck has scars from the chains that held him, probably as he faithfully performed watchdog duties. Now he was a ward of the street.

He has an infection that needs veterinary attention. He can’t see very well. The right eye may display a doggie cataract. And those who rescued him say he does not answer to a name. He may be deaf.

They are looking for a family that would take in this hard-to-place pup and give him the care and love he needs. More information is available at 8894-8238.

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