River cleanup shows nothing was done with sewer pipes

River cleaup crew hauls sacks full of plastic bottles and other discarded materials. The plastic will be recycled, the organization said. Photo: Comité Bandera Azul Ecológica de San Miguel de Santo Domingo

Those concerned with the Río Tibás conducted a cleanup over the weekend and pulled 15 sacks of plastic and other trash out of the river and from along the banks.

They also reported that two sources of sewage that they discovered and reported in past years continue dumping polluted water into the river. The individuals are members of the Comité Bandera Azul Ecológica de San Miguel de Santo Domingo in Heredia. They said they would report the polluting outlets again to the municipality.

In a release the organization urged authorities to show more
interest in the complaints the group has filed.

The organization also urged some form of support for companies that make degradable beverage containers.

In the last four years with the heavily promoted Paz con la Naturaleza the country has not been able to substitute degradable material in the marketplace. They added that plastic sacks for agricultural purposes also frequently end up in the river.

Despite the trash and pollution, the presence of small animals and birds suggest that the river can still be saved, the organization said.

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