Roads perpetually bad despite official promises

The sad shape of the roadways in Costa Rica is a national black eye to the country. The picture in the Feb 16th edition, submitted by Roy Whaley, shows the dangerous condition of the road between Tilarán and Fortuna, which by the way is only one example of the condition of this road, which just happens to be a major route for tourist going to Fortuna and the Arenal Volcano.

Having lived in Arenal for almost seven years and being very involved with the hotel and tourism sector, I know from experience that all you get from MOPT and others in the government is lip service. Every director of MOPT from the Pacheco, Arias, and current administrations have been there to observe these conditions and yet nothing happens. Wake up people, they do not give a hoot as long as the horse shows and soccer games do not get interfered with. The roads will never get fixed. Cut your losses and get out now.

Ed Parker

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