Rustlers will have to watch out for new mobile offices

Gloria Abraham, agriculture minister, and José María Tijerino, security minister, stand in the doorway of one of the mobil units. Photo: Ministerio de Gobernación, Policía y Seguridad Pública

If the cows won’t come to the office, the office will go to the cows. That is the strategy of the Fuerza Pública which announced Thursday that it has set up nine mobile units to be placed on various sections of the national highways to control cattle rustling.

Theft of cows is a major problem in northern Costa Rica. The small offices on wheels cost 43 million colons or about $86,250. The wooden structures are mounted on small trailer beds along with an electrical generator. The offices will have Internet access so that police officers can check on suspicious shipments of cattle.

José María Tijerino, the security minister, praised the mobile offices in a meeting with cattle ranchers Thursday.

Cattle in Costa Rica are branded similar to cattle in the U.S. West. The brands are registered at the Registro Nacional.

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