Send some cops undercover to provide examples

I believe I’ve suggested some of these before, but here they are again:

1. House-arrest ankle-bracelets. This is a lot cheaper than building new prisons.

2. Undercover crime-traps. Get some under cover cops to pose as typical victims in known crime-ridden areas. Arrest the thieves (and make a good example in the process) and their cohorts will take note next time they consider repeating the act in the same area. Keep doing this everywhere and you’ve solved your crime problem.

3. Want to divert the drug business away from CR? Confiscate some drugs, poison them, then put them back in the stream. Once the users get sick, word will get back your country is a bad place to depot illegal drugs. And no, I have no sympathy for illegal users when it comes to the effect the drug industry has on innocent victims.

Jon Kahn
Spring, Texas
current Cost Rican land owner/future resident

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