Separation of church, state is key to successful nation

To all Egyptians living in Costa Rica and all others who see their “people power” revolution as a new beginning for democracy and freedom.

Take it from a very experienced man who is 71, lived in nine countries and spent time in 21 more including three years in Turkey.

The number one fundamental and basic foundation of a SUCCESSFUL nation is: Separation of church and state.

In the 20s Mustafa Kemal, later known as Attaturk, turned Turkey from east to west and from religious dominance to secular democracy. His legacy endures today. The U.S. Constitution enshrines that crucial separation and is the bedrock of our freedom — freedom from religious dogma, repression and suppression.

Northern European nations which are mostly secular enjoy democracy, peace and prosperity. The lesson is clear and obvious: Religion’s agenda is not democratic and does not belong in government.

If Egypt can accomplish that, in the next few years it will shine brightly and light the path for other nations longing to be free from the tyranny of ignorance created by insular and powerful religious institutions.

Duggo Hix
Tampa Florida

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