Shoot-first robbery suspects detained in Desamparados

One suspect is led to an investigator's car. Photo: Judicial Investigating Organization

Judicial investigators conducted raids in Desamparados Thursday morning and detained two men they claim were robbers who shot first before asking victims to hand over belongings.

The men are 19 and 25. They were detained in Barrio La Paz in Loma Linda de Desamparados

Agents allege that these are the two men who confronted two telecommunications technicians while they worked on a cellular tower last Jan. 17. A robber put five bullets into one man and robbed his companion. The victims were employees of the Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad.

Agents are accumulating a list of robberies in the area that can be attributed to crooks with the same manner of operation. they said that many person had failed to file complaints out of fear or because they did not expect results. They urged them to do so.

Agents detained a third man Thursday on the public street near the entry to Calle Fallas in san Rafael Ariba de Desamparados and said he was linked to the other men.

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