Small firms, some with a green touch, honored by bank

Representative small business operators were honored Thursday night. The program was sponsored by the Citi Foundation and was held at the Hotel Real Intercontinental.

The winners of the awards in many cases were persons who had an environmental dimension to their operation.

Recognized by the Banco Nacional’s Banca de Desarrollo were:

Marlene Contreras Medoza, who is keeping folklore alive in Guanacaste. She operates Turicultura Flor de Caña S.A., which provides Costa Rican dancers and music to hotels, tour agencies and other firms.

Rosa Mayorga Mora, who runs Confecciones Rosy in Los Guidos, Desamparados. Her firm designs and makes clothing for children such as pajamas and blouses.

José Rojas Camacho, who operates an organic farm in La Legua de Aserrí. The family has seven hectares, about 18
acres, in which they grow coffee, fruits and trout.

Ericka Hidalgo Jiménez, who operates Mariposario Sueka in La Rita de Pococí. She sells butterflies and their pupas in Costa Rica and for export. She also sells her butterflies to tourists who come on cruise ships to Limón from October to March each year.

Elizabeth Chaves Saborío has eight acres in Zapotal de San Ramón where she produces milk and raises pigs, chickens and tilapia. She also uses a biodigester to produce fertilizer and engages in agrotourism.

Juan Bosco Leiva Ureña of Copey de Santa Marta de Dota, where in his farm La Florida he produces raspberries and avocados. He also has goats and sheep and a laboratory for the production of fungus and microorganisms to control plant diseases and for creating fertilizer.

Roger Ulate Araya, whose family for more than 20 years has operated a retail outlet known as Los Colochos in Los Guidos. He has installed a computer program that can keep track of his inventory with bar codes.

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