Suspect caught in U.S. after bridge fatality here

A suspect in the traffic death of a government worker near the Río Virilla bridge has been detained in Atlanta, Georgia.

The Judicial Investigating Organization said Thursday that the man, who was not identified, was stopped by Customs and Border Protection when he tried to enter the United States after flying from San José Thursday morning.

Agents said that they managed to locate the car, a Kia sports utility vehicle, suspected of being involved in the case in Heredia and tracked the operator to identify the suspect. Informal sources said the man was a Canadian tourist who was staying ata hotel in Heredia.

The man is facing a murder charge because the motorist who hit two Ministerio de Obras Pública employees about 10 p.m. Wednesday fled. Police at the time said that the motorist was driving recklessly. The man was expected back in Costa Rica late Thursday.

The bridge is the one that has been undergoing reconstruction since Christmas. As a result of the accident, the ministry said that the Autopista General Cañas will be closed from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. until work is finished there in about 10 days in order to protect the individuals working on the span.

Killed was Óscar Lépiz Delgado, a 24-year veteran of the ministry. Injured was a co-worker Marco Vincio Calderón Astúa, a man with nine years service, the ministry said.

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