Swift prosecution sought for all crimes, large or small

CAP (Crime Awareness & Prevention) representing the Southern Zone has a response for crime prevention suggestions. While one of the primary focuses of CAP is to promote individual community safety by awareness and preventative measures, we believe the safety of the citizens of Costa Rica is the primary responsibility of the government.

We urge the central government and the institutions directly tasked with the safety and security of its citizens to adopt the following initiatives:

1. A comprehensive revision of the existing criminal code to prosecute and penalize all crimes, small or large, including fencing of stolen goods, with immediate and significant consequences to offenders such as appropriate fines and jail time.

2. Increase the flagrancy courts throughout Costa Rica, to impose swifter sentencing.

3. Increase prisons/jail capacity with creative ideas such as tent prisons.

4. Hold officials (judges, police, etc) accountable.

5. Increase support for police: Higher compensation, provide more vehicles, provide training.

The current conviction rate of 2 to 4 percent is completely unacceptable, as well as the automatic impunity for crimes under $500. There must be consequences for ALL crimes.

We implore the Costa Rican government to take immediate action by changing its laws to protect the victims, not criminals, and hopefully return peace to this beautiful country.

E-mail us at caponcrime@gmail.com. Our web site @ caponcrime.info. Facebook: caponcrime

CAP on Crime

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