Tax collectors have another little list of society offenders

The Dirección General de Tributación has put out another list of presumed tax deadbeats, but this time the list covers a variety of levies.

Included are sales tax, income tax, the education and cultural tax and fines.

Tributación has been known to lose paperwork, so although some well-known hotels and restaurants appear on the list, there is no guarantee that the tax agency is correct. In addition, many companies have names similar to some famous entities but may not be the same one.

Sales tax is due on the 15th of the month. Income tax is due once a year on Dec. 15 if an individual or company is on a traditional tax year. The small but annoying Timbre de Educación y Cultura is due March 31.

In addition, some firms have the obligation to file quarterly.

Frequently expats who have closed down a business simply leave the country without informing the tax authorities.

Consequently some of the corporations and individuals listed in the latest may not even be in the country nor have any income to report.

Earlier in the week, the tax agency released a list of 100 entities that had not paid the luxury home tax although they did the previous year.

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