Taxes are misplaced and prices reflect greed

Costa Rica has the highest taxes of any country that I have been in (11) and the highest prices because of the taxes and greed. Case in point. I recently bought a new refrigerator. I could have bought it in the U.S. for $720. Here I paid $1,400, and it was priced at $1,700 in one store. And now it seems that all the politicians can think of is more taxes on almost everything that everyone needs or has to have.

But no one has to have cigarettes or alcohol. Cigarettes in the U.S. are around $4 a pack. In Canada over $10 a pack but only $1.50 here. Why don’t they add tax on these items and leave things people need alone like their electric bills, medical bills, food bills, etc. Power here is over three times what I pay in Missouri. Food is from one to as much as four times as much: i.e. potatoes, $11 to $12 for 6.6 lbs. In Missouri, $3 for 10 lbs.

Robert Woodrow

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