There is a cheaper way to fix faded license plates

can relate to the poor woman who was out around $600 because her license plates were faded. I had the same problem with my plates, however my cost was considerably less. Here is how she could have saved her money:

She should have taken her car in early in the month. My car is due for inspections in May. Last year, I brought it in during the first week and failed to pass because my plates were badly faded. I took my car to the Registro and removed the plates in the parking lot. The clerk put in an order for new plates, and I returned the faded ones to my car.

My new plates arrived in less than a week and because I still had most of May left, I was able to drive with the faded ones. I took my car back to Riteve and it passed; no need to rent a car. I advise everyone to take their vehicle in for inspection early in their inspection month. That way you can address any problems and keep driving your own vehicle.

Frank Muschal
San Isidro del General

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