Yale singers mark 150th

The Yale University Glee Club is the nation’s third oldest collegiate chorus. What began as a group of friends serenading passersby has grown into a powerhouse vocal ensemble. This year marks its 150th anniversary, and this month, decades’ worth of Yale Glee Club alumni head to New Haven, Connecticut, for a reunion.

Singing has always been a big part of life at Yale. Art major – later actor – Vincent Price and music major – later minister – William Sloane Coffin sang in the Glee Club. And so did Cole Porter, one of America’s most popular composers, who wrote a football song celebrating Yale’s mascot, “Handsome Dan the Bulldog.”

Seventy-five years worth of Glee Club members were scheduled to take to the stage together at the reunion, from Stowe Phelps, class of 1939, through current Glee Club freshmen, class of 2014.

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