16 year olds are suspects in two major crime investigations

Juvenile criminals continue to be involved in major crimes.

Early Saturday Fuerza Pública officers detained a 16 year old in Ticabán, Pococí, after a man suffered fatal bullet wounds in the chest. Police were alerted by a 911 call from neighbors who heard a shot.

Dead was Rito Chavarría Carranza. Police quickly located
a suspect, who has the last name of Castro, in his home.

In San Pedro, another 16 year old was one of two persons detained in the shooting of a motorist. The man, 62, suffered a bullet wound to the leg from robbers who saw him leaving his home. They took the vehicle, but Fuerza Pública officers said they caught two suspects in the center of San Pedro a short time later. They said they confiscated a .22-caliber pistol. The second suspect was identified by the last names of Tencio Martínez.

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