A plea for investigators to solve woman’s murder in Osa

I am writing today in regards to the lack of investigation of a murder in Osa.  I realize you have been kind enough to publish articles on Kimberly Blackwell, and I appreciate it.

However, here is the problem.  No one really knows who killed her nor do they, being friends and family, know any details of this murder of a single lady.

There have been many murders in this part of the country that have gone unsolved.  I dislike how people including the expat community say well nothing ever happens here as far as solving crimes.  That is a crock of crap.

How do we know that there is not a serial killer on the loose?  And this is a country of peace not violence.  Any and all murders need to be investigated properly.  The fact that many presumed that she was killed by poachers is jumping to conclusions.  Why?  They could have killed her years ago.  I believe it is someone else, and they saw their chance because she had encounters with the hunters.

I know people that hunt here in my area and, believe me, they would not kill a person.  NEVER.  It does not fit.  I am sorry that her family is suffering so much, and also I am sorry that many people now do not want to come to Costa Rica.  Reason being Costa Rica is being called a country of lawlessness.  This is not true.  Most of the people here have a very good regard for the law.

I must defend Costa Rica and say that crime is much less here than other countries and the people want justice here just like anywhere in the world.

Do we need to take to the streets for justice?  No I think not.  We need the investigators to get off their asses and work.  When we get a paycheck, we work for it just as they should.

Do you realize besides the first initial visit to her farm there has only been one other visit?

We have a lady who was employing the people of her pueblo and helping save endangered animals, and she dies without any investigation what so ever.  Someone needs to work for their pay, and this lady deserves justice.

We must find this killer.  It could be anyone.  How do we truly know until we have the facts.

By the way, my Canadian friends cancelled their trip because his wife was frightened, and I have not seen them in nine years.  I really tried to convince them to come but they will not.  His wife saw the news in Canada and said that in Toronto people have been canceling trips to our beautiful country.

*Ms. Edholm lives in Uvita.

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