Banners and flyers promote Women’s Day in Costa Rica

Costa Rican women marked the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day in various ways around the country.

At the Plaza de la Cultura, teachers and public employees, all female, gathered to hold up a banner marking the day.

The group was about half teachers and have employees of such state companies as the Instituto Nacional de Seguros, which is a few blocks away. They had finished a day of work and met at the plaza in the mid-afternoon.

The women handed out flyers that contained a summary of the day and its origins among union members and Socialists in Europe.

The flyer briefly repeated what women have been saying for years in Costa Rica. They seek an end to sexual harassment femicide, a just salary, parity with men in unions and reproductive rights.

A recent law provides jail for men who insult their female partners in public or otherwise inflict emotional stress.

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