Bird flu reported making comeback in Egypt, Asia

The World Bank is reporting a resurgence of bird flu. In Cambodia a 19-year-old woman and her 11-month old son have died while handling dead chickens, the bank said.

South Korea is facing an especially difficult time, the bank added. Authorities there recently declared a state of emergency to stop the rapid spread of avian flu after migrating wild birds infected poultry flocks in four provinces. Counting the new cases, the country has reported 46 outbreaks since the first was confirmed Dec. 31. More than
5 million birds have been culled so far, the international organization said.

In Egypt, a 25-year-old woman became the 39th bird flu fatality with others testing positive for the virus, including young children, said the bank.

The Egyptian government is running public service announcements to show people how to avoid avian flu, said the bank.

The bank experts say investment in stronger human and animal health surveillance and preparedness is needed to avoid recurring epidemics.

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