Blanket statements hurt the quality of the argument

It amazes me how many people think they know the answers when they are not experts or even that well read on many of the comments they make.

A letter was written stating emphatically “As far as HAARP goes, there is NO evidence one way or the other to prove whether or not it is harmful to the weather or people in general.” I guess some have read everything regarding the HARRP project, classified and unclassified. It is people like that who make such ambiguous statements but think they know the answers. No, we don’t know for sure what the agenda is but to make light of it is putting our heads in the sand as most people prefer to do.

Also it was pointed out about Al Gore’s fantasy about global warming. Along with that quote it was also stated; “it is an arrogant fallacy to believe humans can reshape the future of the climate of the planet in a noticeable way in 10,000 years.” I would think that statement was made cause the person, saying it, researched with other scientists the possibility or not of global warming. I really think most of the information discovered by this person was researched by the opposition to global warming, which by the way, most have a hidden agenda as well. Unless we have truly researched this information, looking at both sides of the equation, we shouldn’t make statements like we have the answers to everything. Maybe go to the largest ice field in Alaska, Harding ice field, outside of Seward, Alaska, and see how this ice field has receded in the past 10,000 years. They have it clearly marked. I was there in 2000. You may think twice about what one says about man’s influence, especially in the last two hundred years.

Yes, Al Gore didn’t practice what he preaches. So do many priests, ministers, CEO’s, cops and government officials. It doesn’t mean the message isn’t necessarily true. I don’t believe in killing the message because of the messenger. He has repented and made some big changes since the reports in 2007 of his electrical consumption. His mansion in Tennessee has added 33 rooftop solar panels and several geothermal wells and they also buy renewable energy.

There was a reference to the chaos in the world as being comparable to what the Christian Bible says. I guess I am not well read regarding the Bible. It was mentioned that the Bible predicted the chaos of earthquakes and the nuclear problem in Japan. I missed that part in the Bible. It also told us about wars on the planet. Well, World War I and World War II were more devastating than anything going on today, and devastating earthquakes have been going on for millions of years even before the Bible. I was also unaware that they knew about nuclear energy whenever the Bible was being written.

Oh, but we are allowed to make your own interpretation of the Bible, I forgot. I guess you can believe that as much as someone can believe in the scientific and political explanation of why things are happening. I tend to try to find out the current facts, to the best of my ability, not what someone wrote about 2,000 and 5,000 years ago and then try to interpret to my liking.

If you just watch Fox News, you will believe everything they say. If you just watch MSNBC, you will believe everything they say. We have to go deeper than what mainstream media and blogging ideologues write regarding their agenda as well.

Don’t make blanket statements or fun of others until you have researched in great detail any given topic.

Henry Kantrowitz
Punta Leona

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