Center to monitor telephone calls by crooks advances

The Poder Judicial, the Instituto Costarricense contra las Drogas and the Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad entered into an agreement Friday that will result in the construction of a center for investigative eavesdropping.

The center, which will be called the Sistema Nacional de Interdicción de las Comunicaciones, will be built at the Ciudad Judicial in San Joaquín de Flores de Heredia.

The Poder Judicial will provide the land. The anti-drug agency will provide the funds, and the telephone company will provide the expertise and design.
This is the long-sought center where investigators can listen in on telephone calls made by suspects.

The eavesdropping will require a judicial order, said the Poder Judicial in a release.

The center will cover the entire range of voice communications as well as messages and allow tracking of calls.

By law the Instituto Costarricense contra las Drogas receives the proceeds of money laundering investigation as well as any money or possessions confiscated from traffickers.

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